VIPO - Virtual Intellectual Property Organization


The ‘content’ problem first appeared with the emergence of the web and the domain name system. Then, it went viral with the convergence of copying technology (personal computers, smart devices) and ever-accessible global sales engagement and distribution channels (e-commerce websites and auction sites). These developments set the stage for the creation of an entirely new universe, complete with digital goods and virtual environments filled with virtual goods content, namely, massively multiplayer role playing games (MMORPG’s), virtual worlds, social networks and new media sites, cloud computing sites, virtual lockers, and now ‘replicator’ data download sites (3D printer schematic sharing online communities).

Such convergence of instantaneous worldwide access to technical tools necessary for creation, fixation, production of goods, distribution of goods and services, and compensation (even in terms of movement of the very tender being earned in relation to the sale or license of an intellectual property protected work or related good, i.e. from any currency, even virtual Linden dollars, to US dollars, for example via pay pal account), is a first in history.

If a digital good or download is a ‘transmission sent from an online server to a local hard drive or device under user control’, then a virtual good is, by contrast, a non-downloadable remote server counterpart of a digital good. Specifically, a virtual good could be defined as a remote server hosted, or account inventory, copy of a licensed intellectual property rights protected virtual content file…at least in our opinion.

How could anyone working with creators (individual authors, programmers, artists and musicians) support limitation, much less elimination, of copyright or intellectual property rights protection?


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