VIPO - Virtual Intellectual Property Organization


VIPO was founded in 2007 as a group in the Second Life virtual world, subsequently established as a non-profit and recently obtained 501c3 status. Our mission is to “encourage the registration of intellectual property that is created for use within virtual environments, such as Internet based website, worlds, games and the like by conducting lectures and seminars on the subject and through publications, forums and workshops as well as maintain records of intellectual property that relates to these purposes.

VIPO represents the only real life organization supporting exclusively online education regarding the recognition, preservation, and enforcement of virtual intellectual property rights. Namely, intellectual property rights attaching to virtual works created for use in online environments. We have over the course of our existence extensively researched and developed various educational and enforcement programs integrating internet technologies to support our mission.

Our organization fulfills its mission by designing educational and enforcement centered programs to integrate online software implemented technologies such as ODR and new media including MMORPG or simulator environments to provide seamless internet based multi-media educational content and related internet technology tools to a creator membership pool, through affiliated organizations, of nearly one thousand virtual content creators. Creator involvement or enrollment in our educational programs automatically feeds their creation content data into systems we are developing to track registration and enforcement activity online.

The GET REAL program will, if proven successful, be scalable and able to address the intellectual property rights education and enforcement needs of many innovators and creatives, including application developers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers and journalists as well. Finally, our GET REAL program includes training in virtual intellectual property and online intellectual property issues to attorneys, law students and other legal professionals which implements the same MMORPG and software supported technologies. Thus exposing legal professionals to cyber learning through application of multiple Internet technologies as well as advocating our approach to defining and categorizing user generated content rights.

Our advisory board is comprised of recognized experts in the areas of intellectual property law, software design, dispute resolution and virtual reality training modules for corporate and institutional actors.


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