Managing virtual IP is hard

Are you an artist, designer, programmer, musician? Need info on how to independently manage copyrights and trademarks, online services, and content delivery businesses?

Enter VIPO, Inc.

Established in 2007, providing support for intellectual property owners, particularly in the context of the Internet and concerning the publication of right holder data and licensing information.

The mission of VIPO is to exert a progressive influence on the issues surrounding registration, enforcement, and policy in the area of intellectual property rights protectable content created or used in virtual, 3D web, and web 2.0 online environments.

Protect your creations

Record your creations (photos, videos, graphic designs, textures, apps, software code, and music). Request monitoring and handle disputes.

We can help

We support an individual author rights management based framework for virtual, or online, worldwide content publication, distribution and trade content protected by intellectual property regulations and related laws.

We accomplish this through the GET CREATIVE! program functions to support data collection and processing as an integrated technological solution that powers our user generated content registration and enforcement database and online training eco system.

Finally, the GET CREATIVE! program is focused on 1) promoting creation of original protectable content by individuals through programs creating original works 2) economic empowerment of creators of original works through intellectual property rights management knowledge transfer.

Virtual IP Programs

Much in the same way that intellectual property rights protect actual goods and physical copies, we propose that virtual intellectual property and related rights are born from individual author and user rights in certain data or files embodying trademark, design or copyright law protected and protectable works (virtual works) hosted on remote servers. For example, intellectual property protected upload, or master copies saved on remote servers of online service providers. Or remotely hosted author hard drive transmissions of content via stream using the same, including downloadable or sharable file offers and application software enabled perceptible displays or performances.

Our GET REAL! program develops and presents on policy matters related to modernization of both domestic and international intellectual property laws as it pertains to protection of user generated content and user profile information data.

We accomplish this by developing and promoting human rights based perspectives of issues that are related to online content publication and distribution rights including advocating for a human right to name, image and reputation control, or the right to be forgotten, internet access, net neutrality and online dispute resolution.

Creators Unite

We facilitate content protection and dispute resolution between creators and content consumers on a broader scale. By doing so, we provide a much needed service to the world's creative community.

We fulfill our mission with greater ease and broader impact by offering our programs formally with your participation and support.


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Established in 2007, VIPO Inc, provides support for intellectual property owners, particularly in the context of the Internet and concerning the publication of right holder data and licensing information.