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Are you an artist, designer, inventor, programmer, musician? We provide our members with strategies and support on how to independently monetize and manage content protection internationally.

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The Virtual Intellectual Property Organization (VIPO Inc.) is a U.S. non profit 501c3.

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Protect your creations

We keep records of creation claims for all forms of content including: photos, videos, graphic designs, textures, apps, software code, and music.

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We provide specialized international intellectual property management support services for creative individuals and creative industry businesses.

Our services include creating intellectual property asset management strategies.

We also handle all forms of content and intellectual property related disputes.

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We provide trademark registration and prosecution services before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

From our seat in the European Union, we work with creators across national borders to implement effective protection strategies for the commercialization of their creations using new technology.

We collaborate with local offices and organizations to provide EU trademark, patent and design support before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO).

Virtual Intellectual Property Rights

The mission of VIPO is to exert a progressive influence on the issues surrounding registration, enforcement, and policy in the area of specifically, intellectual property rights protectable content created for use, or transfer and display, in virtual, 3D web, and web 2.0 online environments.

This means that we were incorporated to support creators in the management of their content rights implicated by streaming applications, online distribution sites and immersive games.

We exist to support the balance between the economic rights of creators and the human rights of all.

We support creators in the management of their works and assist consumers by creating fair trade principle based standards for distribution of artistic, cultural, technological and scientific developments.

In addition to our work enabling economic rights, we are also advocates for the basic human rights of all creators. This includes the right to food, water and electricity as well as internet related rights such as a human right to name, image and reputation control, or the right to be forgotten, internet access, net neutrality and online dispute resolution.

Creative Conglomerate

It is the right of every creator to give away access to their works to the public for free or without attribution (naming themselves as creator). We are here to serve those creators who desire to earn a living, feed themselves and their families, from the products of their creative activity. With those creators in mind, we established the Creative Conglomerate channel to provide access to real-time affordable business management, product development and related enterprise support services.


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Established in 2007, VIPO Inc, provides support for intellectual property owners, particularly in the context of the Internet and concerning the publication of right holder data and licensing information.